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Members :: Sound Logic Pty. Ltd.
Sound Logic Pty. Ltd.

Company Overview

Sound Logic has been providing professional I.T. services to businesses since 1992. Services provided have spanned many platforms, paradigms and budgets. Often providing troubleshooting for existing projects that have "gone off the rails", Sound Logic has demonstrated an ability to quickly determine client needs and constraints; propose, implement, deploy and support functional well engineered solutions; manage third party vendors.

Sound Logic has performed well above industry norms in terms of client satisfaction and successful delivery - and believes in seeing a job through to the client's satisfaction.

The company principal has been actively involved with Unix/Linux and the Opensource community for ~20 years. Initially providing specialist technical consulting services in Unix and embedded systems, Sound Logic now has a team of people providing analysis, development, system testing, support and project management services.

Corporate Citizenship

Sound Logic believes that honesty and mutual respect is an important component of its client relationships. This is a firm belief of the directors and is part of the company's culture.

Sound logic acknowledges a moral responsibility to both the global and local communities it is a member of. Sound Logic endeavours to practice responsible, sustainable and moral management of all resources within its control. Sound Logic contributes 1% of gross sales to philanthropic works. It is a key sponsor of


Sound Logic can provide resourcing from part-person through to complete teams in all areas of IT. Because of our co-operative approach to IT development, we resource as appropriate to client needs.

We have concrete experience in all aspects of development from business analysis through to network design through to post implementation monitoring, maintenance and system support.

Sound Logic employs a number of experienced staff and also has a network of short/medium term contract staff which is drawn upon for project specific needs

Open Source

Opensource systems and tools play an important role in our service delivery and client offerings. We use open source internally extensively, for most of our infrastructure. We also deploy open source solutions for our clients where appropriate, or host key opensource applications for our clients to use. We support a number of opnesource communities in various ways, including bug fixes, enhancements, beta testing and inancial support.

Some of the opensource systems we use and support include: Linux, Big Sister, Twiki, Samba, Apache, Gnats/web, Perl, PHP, Firebird/Interbase, MySQL, Sendmail, Postfix, OpenLDAP, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, Mozilla, ...

Company   Sound Logic Pty. Ltd.
Street Address   2 Florence St,
Burwood VIC 3125.
Phone   +61 3 9808 0911
Fax   +61 3 9888 7984

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