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Education :: Open Source Software for Students
Open Source Software for Students
There are hundreds of ways that computers can aid student learning. Far beyond learning how to type as well as learning basic word processing and spreadsheet facilities is a whole world of applications for students. There are applications to take students from basic number and letter games as children up to advanced physics and mathematics simulations for secondary and even teritary students. No proprietary vendor can give you the range and quality of applications that Open Source Software can provide to you for free.

Below we list a few ideas of ways to bring computers into coursework as well as just a few of the programs that exist to enhance the computer education of your students.

Prep to Grade 6
Introduce the children to the joys of Tux for kids. These tools are still in production, but are improving and include fun and educational products such as Tuxtyping, Tux of Math Command and Tuxpaint. These tools were recently mentioned in the news. MORE...

Grade 4 plus
Students in Grade 4 and above are often beyond the "toy" programs of learning their letters, numbers, playing hangman and the like. It can be hard to think of fun educational activities for them to do with computers. Below are some ideas that will appeal to many students well into secondary school. MORE...

Years 7 to 12
Secondary school students can benefit greatly from many of the Open Source packages that exist. Below we list a number of ideas that will provide interest to many students in this age group. MORE...

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