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Press Releases :: Open Source Victoria receives Next Wave Funding
Open Source Victoria receives Next Wave Funding
NOVEMBER 17, Melbourne, Australia.The Open Source Victoria industry cluster has secured a matching $50,000 grant as part of Multimedia Victoria's Next Wave Program. The Next WaveProgram aims to identify and promote emerging technologies in the Victorian IT industry.

"With this funding, Victoria enhances its position as a natural centre for Open Source solution provision in the region" said OSV member Con Zymaris.

OSV will use the grant to promote the use of Open Source technologies in the Victorian industry, government, and education sectors. This includes:

  • providing support, training and information on how to improve our members' business effectiveness and their marketing and sales of Open Source Software;
  • making high quality Open Source software kits available to over 5000 Victorian business, government IT staff and educators and ICT industry players;
  • preparation of numerous reports providing industry and public sector firms with the machinery necessary to evaluate and migrate to OSS;
  • fund and co-ordinate Australia's first Open Source programming competition for school-age kids, called Wide Open Code;
  • offer a free information referral service for all Victorian schools who are seeking a better understanding of how Open Source software can be used in education;
  • sponsor Australia's first ongoing virtual forum for the discussion of issues related to the deployment and development of Open Source solutions within the government and public sectors.
  • run a series of focussed information exchange events, seminars and symposia in Melbourne and regional Victoria, to offer practical hands-on demonstrations of planning for and undertaking migrations to Open Source software.

"Open Source Software is in many cases technically superior to the proprietary alternatives -- but most business managers, small businesspeople, and even teachers may not be aware of these advantages," said Adam Clarke, another member of OSV. "Our goal is to be a resource of information about Open Source Software for the citizens of Victoria."

"OSV has been delighted with the enthusiasm shown by the Victorian Government for our proposal," said Zymaris. "By increasing the adoption of Open Source technologies in Victoria, we can actively grow the local ICT industry."

About Open Source Victoria.

Open Source Victoria is an Industry Cluster consisting of over 60 Victorian firms and developers which provide services and technology related to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS.) Open Source Victoria offers marketing, advocacy and information referral services, and aims to raise the profile of FOSS in Victoria and work with other similar organisations across Australia.

Contact: Con Zymaris
Phone: 03 9621 2377
Fax: 03 9621 2477

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