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myinternet Limited is a dynamic, education focussed Internet platform and services company. Its commitment to the education sector combined with its technical and commercial experience makes it a key provider to education authorities, schools, teachers and students. myinternet provides services to 3600 K to 12 schools, and over one million individual users, throughout the world.

Using open source tools, myinternet have developed a full suite of unique Internet tools and services that enable customers to easily define and monitor Internet access and activities, personalise the Internet experience for individual users and develop online communities.

myinternet now delivers centralised software and ICT education services to over 3600 schools in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. The UK is the companys fastest growing export market.

Through its close association with schools, teachers and end users of its services, myinternet is a business that is well renowned within the industry as an expert commentator on issues faced in schools in relation to all facets of ICT be they technical, curriculum, political or administrative.

Recently myinternet developed a Virtual Learning Environment for the K-12 sector, myclasses, which has been excitedly received by many education authorities.

Company   myinternet Limited
Contact   Brenda Jolliffe
Position   Marketing Services Manager
Postal Address   PO Box 650
Carlton South Vic 3053
Phone   +61 3 8379 2075

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