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Fluffy Spider Technologies

About FST

Fluffy Spider Technologies specialises in applications for the Embedded Linux market. Building on Open Source libraries FST achieves fast and potent software solutions to solve complex problems.

As the technologies that drive telecommunications, consumer electronics and mobile / wireless converge, you need a partner who understands how these technologies work together and can deliver cohesive software solutions that meet your particular requirements.

FST understands telecommunications, embedded (mobile, PDA, WiFi & consumer electronics) and has been providing specialist software solutions to a broad range of corporate clients since 1995.

FST's complementary product suite is designed to create new streams of revenue for mobile operators, service and content providers and device manufacturers. It includes a sophisticated, high speed, graphics system, a comprehensive embedded operating system for Limited Resource Devices (LRD) and data synchronisation for easy, anytime access to mobile data.

FST's core expertise lies in the use of Embedded Linux, but we also have strong expertse working with different operating systems at the forefront of today's technology.

FST has a proven track record providing commercial solutions to both large and small corpoprate customers across Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Defence, Process Monitoring & Control and Manufacturing.

FST has architected, designed and developed systems from low-level device drivers through to user interfaces.

FST: High Quailty, Reliable, Professional Services

Fluffy Spider Technologies is a world leader in Professional Services for Linux and Embedded Linux systems. FST has been providing high quality, reliable, Professional Services since 1995.

FST Professional Services offers:

  • Customizing FST Products for hardware, operating system and environment of choice.
  • Custom application development (proprietary & Open Source).
  • Custom device driver development (proprietary & Open Source).
  • Integration with custom & 3rd party software.
  • Turnkey solutions.
  • Custom consulting.
  • Patching and performance tuning of Open Source and proprietary applications.
  • Patching and performance tuning of Linux kernel and Linux startup process in order to boot faster . This is suitable for Instant On type systems.
  • Real customer product support for years. Note: most of our OEM contracts stipulate 7 years of maintenance.
  • Rapid Prototyping.
  • Porting.
  • On-site work, support and consulting.

A Complete Product Lifecycle:

  • Concept
  • Planning
  • System Specification
  • System Architecture
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Implementation
  • QA & Testing
  • Documentation
  • Ongoing Support

Innovative Products for Embedded Electronics

Fluffy Spider Technologies provides world class technology solutions for Embedded Linux. Some of our mobile products are also available for Symbian.

FST Tiny Embedded Range of Products

FST Tiny Embedded Range of products are media based software products and technologies suitable for inclusion in Embedded Linux and Symbian systems. The list of products and technologies is:

  • Products:
    • TV Viewing Application with less than 1s start time
    • DVD Player
    • Mobile Video Browser
  • Technologies:
    • Layered Video Technology
    • Theme Morphing (or Skinning) Technology
    • Dynamic Language Changing Technology

FST Personal Entertainment Center Software for Embedded Linux

The FST Personal Entertainment Centre incorporates TV, DVD, CD, interactive video on demand, email, internet browsing, MP3, various media (CF, PCMCIA), a range of languages and many more features.

  • Supports real time streaming of audio and video.
  • Supports different EPG formats for use anywhere in the world with EPG provision services.
  • Real time pause/rewind/playback are supported.
  • CD/DVD burning is available.

FST FancyPants for Embedded Linux and Symbian

FST FancyPants is a sophisticated feature rich graphics platform for Limited Resource Devices such as mobile phones, PDAs car audio and home entertainment systems. Incredibly small and fat it runs on most embedded systems and devices and has been specifically designed so manufacturers and service providers can quickly and easily customise the entire look feel and layout of the user interface.

FST Mobile Linux / Symbian Video Browser

The FST Video Browser for Mobile provides video browsing from files or network.


  • Different video stream playback (ex. MPEG, AVI)
  • Audio stream playback (ex. MP3)
  • Sophisticated User Interface


  • Qtopia
  • Symbian Series 60
  • Symbian UIQ
  • Other Embedded Linux

Company   Fluffy Spider Technologies
Phone   +61 2 9281 9055
Fax   +61 2 9281 2944

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