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HotMagna develops open-standards and open-source software solutions to meet the business needs of Australian corporations. We specialise in designing and developing solutions that provide our customers with the flexibility and robustness to accommodate current and future business needs.

This includes the freedom to choose and change the software, hardware and vendors at the time that customers decide to change any one of these. We consider customer ownership of the source code and intellectual property to be critical in facilitating freedom, choice and flexibility.

We believe that flexibility and choice is best delivered through appropriately using both open source and open standards software. Every one of our employees has greater than 10 years commercial software development experience and is committed to delivering on our principles of freedom, choice and flexibility for our customers. We believe that we have assembled an expert team of Java and J2EE developers.

By designing and developing customer specific business solutions that take into account current and future business process and IT systems we deliver cost effective solutions that avoid the typical expense of integrating off the shelf products with existing IT systems and forcing changes to business processes and user behaviour. This business value is enhanced by avoiding compelling our customers to purchase software licences wherever we believe that this is the best solution for our customers. We compete by offering a total solution that is overall far cheaper with less risk.

HotMagna was founded in 2000 by Magnus Cameron who has worked as IT trainer (Sun Java and Microsoft) and a software developer for over 15 years.

Company   HotMagna
Contact   Henry Okraglik
Street Address   2 Adelaide Street
Richmond, VIC. 3121
Phone   +61 (0)3 9736 2709
Mobile   +61 (0)400 866 249

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