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Yawarra Information Appliances
At Yawarra Information Appliances we refuse to accept a world where it is normal for computers to be frustrating and unnecessarily complex. Our passion is to create computer-based appliances that are easy to use and require minimal interaction - in other words, behave like they are supposed to - invisibly. We also pride ourselves on providing consistently high quality customer service.

Yawarra Information Appliances currently offers a range of hardware for embedded applications, and currently stock the Wireless Router Application Platform (WRAP) range of computers from PC Engines, in Switzerland, and the net4801 computers from Soekris Engineering, in the USA.

These small form factor, PC compatible machines:

  • are really small
  • have no moving parts
  • use very little power
  • are extremely reliable
  • support most open-source operating systems including OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, various Linux distributions and a number of proprietary operating systems and they look cool!

These features make them well suited for use as firewalls, routers and in wireless networks.

We will shortly offer a range of preinstalled and configured open-source operating systems for use in this hardware, to make it easier for our customers to use open-source software.

As our business grows we will introduce a number of appliances based on this hardware, using open-source operating systems, that are quick to set up, easy to use and require very little ongoing maintenance.

Company   Yawarra Information Appliances
Contact   Paul McGowan
Position   Technical Manager
ABN   56 508 561 638
Postal Address   PO Box 606
Boronia VIC 3155
Phone   +61 (0)3 9800 2261
Fax   +61 (0)3 9800 2279

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