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Education :: Open Source Educational Resources
Open Source Educational Resources
There are hundreds of open source tools covering almost every need a school could have. From highly advanced accounting tools (GnuCash) to word processing ( and AbiWord). All it takes is a little exploration.

Software Collections
These sites contain links to Open Source Software built specifically for the education and entertainment of K-12 students. MORE...

Open Source Operating Systems
What a school needs in its operating systems is often different from what a business needs. As a result there are several Open Source operating system distributions designed specifically with schools in mind. We list a few of these below. MORE...

Teaching Resources
Because all classes are different and each teacher has their own preferences in how things are taught and tested, we present here a number of different course ware and testing applications. MORE...

General Resources - School wide
In this section we attempt to cover a few application domains that may be of interest to schools of all levels. In each domain we give a list of some of the applications that exist, however there are many, many more available. For a more detailed list of applications in these domains look at Seul/Edu Educational Application Index. MORE...

Language Learning Tools
There's even software to help students (and teachers) work on learning foreign languages. MORE...

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