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News :: 80% of Brazilian government to switch to Linux by 2006
80% of Brazilian government to switch to Linux by 2006
Rio de Janeiro, 2 June (EFE) The Brazilian government plans to migrate from Windows to Linux 80% of all computers in state institutions and state-owned businesses, informed the daily newspaper "Valor". This will be a gradual migration, that will begin with a pilot project in one ministry and which will be completed over a period of three years, according to official sources cited by the financial daily."

More in Spanish...

...and they seem to have found some genuinely good reasons to do it, beyond "we're saving up-front licence fees):

The president of the Institute calculates that Brazil, adding the public sector and the prevailed one[?], pays annually near 700 million Real (about 233 million [US] dollars) in licenses for the use of programs of computers.

The decision of the government to adopt the Linux, according to Silveira, can stimulate to domestic consuming private companies and to decide on that gratuitous operating system.

Also, it can foment the production of national software and "democratizar the knowledge", according to the civil employee.

(Thanks to Leon Brooks. Translated Summary by Gonzalo Porcel)

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