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Members :: Cybersource Pty. Ltd.
Cybersource Pty. Ltd.
Cybersource is a long-standing provider of IT services in the areas focusing on Linux, Unix, TCP/IP and Open Source software. With over 11 years in operation, and cutting edge knowledge, Cybersource is renowned throughout the industry as a supplier of high quality technical services and products.

Please visit Cybersource at for more information, or email us at

Professional Services

Cybersource is a diverse information technology professional services company founded on the vision of providing our clients with a competitive edge. This is accomplished by delivering cost effective IT solutions, based on Open Systems and Open Source technology, which are tailored to their strategic business considerations. Our aim is to develop strong, ongoing relationships with our clients and long-term partnerships, based on mutual growth and respect with industry vendors.

Our focus is in the areas of large scale Unix/Linux systems administration and network management, productivity solutions based on web and client/server technology and platform integration via TCP/IP. Our tools of choice are Open Source technologies.

Cybersource is an Australian Government Endorsed Supplier, in the areas of systems integration and ecommerce development. Cybersource has been supplying services to the federal and state governments for close to eight years, and looks forward to extending its services business in this area.

Our services fall into the following categories:

Systems Consulting and Professional Services

  • Unix/Linux/FreeBSD system administration and tuning
  • Unix to MS-Windows platform integration
  • Network planning, topology and system securitydesign
  • TCP/IP administration
  • Replacing MS-Windows systems and applications, with Linux and Open Source equivalents
  • Cybersource is a listed Linux support organisation
  • Cybersource is a listed FreeBSD support organisation
  • Cybersource is a listed OpenBSD support organisation
  • Cybersource is a listed Debian support organisation
  • Cybersource is a listed SAMBA support organisation

Online Application Development

Cybersource has been developing Online/Web applications since early 1995. We specialise in development utilising Java, Java Servlets, JBoss, Apache/Tomcat, PHP, Perl, Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL.


Cybersource was the first organisation to offer Linux and Open Source technology training in Australia. We offer instructor-based training in both classroom settings and at your site.

Company   Cybersource
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