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Members :: DCLABS Pty. Ltd.
DCLABS Pty. Ltd.
DCLABS produces Australia's most full featured Linux Server - the DCSERVER. 
				Over 400 DCSERVERS have been shipped across Australia and to other countries. The DCSERVER is maintained on a 24x7 basis and allows developers and clients to focus on their job rather than become network specialists.
DCLABS has been specialising in the creation of Advanced Linux Servers for the corporate and SME marketplace since 1998. Our 14 staff have shipped over 400 DCSERVERS to our customers and 32 resellers across Australia, UK, New Zealand, Israel, Malaysia, and Indonesia. This makes us perhaps Australia's largest Remote Managed Linux Server company. Such a volume of Servers and the wealth of experience our engineers have, has led to an extremely cost effective and highest quality Linux solution.

Our oldest DCSERVER has been operating, and been monitored remotely since August 1998. DCLABS now has shipped over 400 DCSERVERS to companies across Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia , Israel, and the UK.

Our unique monitoring and upgrading technology allows us to manage all of these servers from our central offices in Sydney and Melbourne Australia.
Customers can be informed of outages and other issues via email/phone/fax/sms/speech.

Our 14 staff consist mainly of Engineers (Many with Masters Degrees in Engineering and Computer Science). Some of our staff have been responsible for the invention of a number of high profile invention firsts (OzEmail Phone, Fax/Modem/Answering Machine, ESDI Controllers, to name a few ...) . Our DCSERVER continues that tradition of innovation.

The DCSERVER is an Australian Linux Product with features that are suited to real commercial concerns. It is well beyond a simple Linux Server.

By being consistent in our manufacturing over the past 5 years, it has enabled us to provide 24x7 immediate service and support to our large customer base. We are always seeking to provide faster shipping (Resellers are able to have standby DCSERVERS on call).

We have over 30 resellers across Australia.

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Head Office:
2-4 Mavron St
Ashwood VIC 3147
Phone(24 Hours): 03 9807 8600
Fax: 03 9807 9300

2 Doody St
Alexandria, NSW, 2015
Tel: +612 9667 0006

515 Old Cleveland Rd
Camp Hill, QLD, 4152
Tel: +617 3901 6487

West Australia:
11/386 Wanneroo Rd
Westminster, WA, 6061
Tel: +618 9344 7524

South Australia:
210 Grote St
Adelaide, SA, 5000
Tel: +618 8211 8808

Company   DCLABS Pty Ltd
Contact   Adam Crow
Position   Managing Director
ACN   094 050 398
ABN   66 094 050 398
Street Address   2-4 Mavron St
Ashwood VIC 3147.
Postal Address   PO Box 1018
Ashwood VIC 3147
Phone   +61 3 9807 8600
Fax   +61 3 9807 9300
Mobile   0419 500 430

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