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Members :: Strategic Data Pty. Ltd.
Strategic Data Pty. Ltd.
Strategic Data prides itself on the intelligent application of information technology. We provide services in all parts of the data collection, capture, processing, management and analysis process. Our services include form design, data collection design, scanning, data entry, coding, data cleansing, database design, data management, statistical analysis and reporting.

Quality processing of data requires a range of skills. Our consultants' skill base covers statistics, psychology, computer science, mathematics and research methodology. With this unique blend, we ensure that we provide effective and efficient solutions. Whether it be through computerised automation of repetitive statistical analyses, or through tailored data cleansing processes, our commitment is that our combination of skills adds value.

Strategic Data is comitted to the use of Open Source Software (OSS) where this is the best choice for ourselves or our customers. We regularly use the following products in our day to day work and have delivered cost effective and successful projects in the small business, NGO and government sectors based on this principle.

  • Perl* - Programming Language
  • Linux (Debian GNU/Linux) - Operating system (Servers and Workstations)
  • Firebird* - RDBMS
  • PostgreSQL - RDBMS
  • Apache* - Webserver
  • Postfix - SMTP Server
  • Cyrus - IMAP Server
  • RT - Request Tracking System
  • Callisto - Content Management System
  • FUDForum - Online Forum Software
  • TWiki - Content Management System
  • Mozilla* - Browser/Email/Calendar/Address Book
  • VIM* - Text Editor
  • Koha - Full featured public library system
  • IPCop - Firewall
  • CVS - Code version management system

* These items are used on both Linux and Microsoft Windows.

Company   Strategic Data Pty. Ltd.
ACN   0729 534 25
Street Address   PO Box 1166
Carlton Vic 3065
Phone   +61 3 9340 9000
Fax   +61 3 9340 9090

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