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Members :: Strategos Australia Pty. Ltd.
Strategos Australia Pty. Ltd.
Strategos Australia is a company based in Victoria offering services in management and consulting across a wide range of public sector, not for profit organisations, private companies, and government and community agencies in the health and human services area.

Strategos works with other companies, partners and alliances to provide the optimum team and depth of skills mix for each particular project undertaken.

The company has well developed skills in service and operations management, strategy, planning, review and evaluation. Strategos has highly regarded skills with crisis administration experience, change management, business planning and services development and marketing in metropolitan and rural areas. Strategos has a reputation for successfully managing, and advising on the impact, of complex issues undertaken under public scrutiny.

Strategos and its network of partners have a reputation for high quality work in the following areas: family, child and adolescent services child, community health and community care, aged health and aged community care, services for recently arrived migrants and broader cultural and linguistic diversity, alcohol and drugs, rural services, education, acute health hospitals and services, homelessness and marginalised groups and aboriginal health issues.

Strategos works to ensure technology solutions and implementation are not isolated from the strategic and business aims of organisations. Strategos promotes Open Source Systems as a viable option for organisations either as complementary to legacy systems or an enhancement or as a replacement. For non profit organisations, in addition to cost savings in the acquisition and maintenance of software and the ability to utilise legacy hardware, Open Source can provide the best fit with the organisation's service philosophy to the community.

Company   Strategos Australia Pty Ltd
ACN   092 683 844
Street Address   9 Sunbury Crescent
Surrey Hills VIC 3127
Phone   +61 3 9830 2042
Mobile   +61 414 616 019

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