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HARD software
HARD software is an independent Geelong based consulting and software development company that specializes in the systems analysis, design and implementation of scientific and technical software. HARD software has been established to service the needs of clients who need complex analytical expertise or software developed that requires detailed technical expertise, typically for optimization, scheduling and the analysis, computation and visualization of data applications.

HARD software has successfully managed and implemented a wide variety of projects in the power, materials handling, insurance, finance and aviation industries.

HARD software specialisesin the following open source technologies for scientific and technical software development:

  • Perl
  • PHP
  • GNU C/C++
  • Kylix/Delphi

Consulting services.

HARD software has assisted many organizations by providing expertise in strategic software development, risk management, systems security, sales and marketing analysis and Information Technology specialist areas. The range of services provided has included expert peer reviews, preparation of software developments plans to deliver competitive advantage, risk assessments, survey design and implementation and market analysis.

Systems analysis, design & implementation.

HARD software has considerable experience in UML based systems analysis, the design and of object oriented systems and Rapid Application Development methodologies. Major projects have included the analysis, design and implementation of a gas nomination and contract settlement system for Gascor, the requirements analysis and project management of a ground staff rostering and task allocation system for Cathay Pacific and the design and development of a full court hearing scheduling system for the Federal Court of Australia.

Operations research applications

Often many research and development operations research projects founder, not through lack of technical expertise, but due to the fact that the discipline and skills to implement a commercially successful software application are usually not evident in a R & D environment. HARD software is experienced in the development of industrial strength scheduling, simulation and optimization applications using techniques such as genetic algorithms, artificial neural networks, stochastic simulation, heuristic optimizations, linear programming and constraint programming techniques. Previous projects have included the scheduling of judges for full court hearings and the implementation of intelligent trading systems in the energy and finance industries.

Technical software development.

Need software developed and you don't have the in-house time, expertise, space and/or the equipment? HARD software has the technical resources and development expertise to realize all of your software aspirations, at a total cost that is usually significantly cheaper than in-house development. Many applications and projects have been successfully completed using Delphi/Kylix, C++ (Borland C++ Builder, Microsoft Visual C++ and GNU), FORTRAN and Perl for both technical and commercial applications for Linux, NT and Windows XP.

Internet design and programming.

HARD software is capable of providing the technical resources to implement both simple and complex Internet sites and intra-net systems that are either locally or remotely hosted. Previously we have designed and developed a corporate intra-net for near real-time distribution of electricity market information for management and trading operations, using PHP, ADO, CGI and JavaScript.

Visualization of complex data

HARD software is able to design and create computer graphic images for both technical, commercial and forensic applications using two dimensional and three dimensional techniques. Previous projects have included the depiction of flight conditions to assist a coronial inquest into a Boeing 707 crash, animation of a simulated train derailment and depiction of the test results of a contamination site survey.

Company   HARD software
Contact   Dr Harley Mackenzie
ACN   087 953 839
ABN   27 087 953 839
Street Address   207 Noble Street,
Newtown VIC 3220.
Phone   +61 3 5222 3435
Fax   +61 417 371 268

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